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Collection of Holy Communion Elements

For use during Holy Communion on Sunday 5 July For (a) communicant members of Hebron BP Church (English congregation) (b) Communicant members of other Bible-believing churches who have been worshipping in Hebron BP Church (English congregation) Communicants are Christians who are baptised as adults or who, while baptised as infants, have reaffirmed their faith. The […]

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The Marriage Course

Marriage is not static – it is dynamic. We need to invest time in nurturing our marriages. The Marriage Course is designed for couples to learn how to nurture and invigorate their marriages. Course Structure There will be 8 sessions covering various topics. Each session is about 2.5 hours long. We begin with a candlelight […]

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Bible Reading

Every Christian knows that reading God’s Word regularly, if not daily, is a spiritual habit that ought to be cultivated. Yet, too many of us struggle to keep up on our own. The Bible Reading Programme recognises that many of us really need help and accountability. Come and join the Men’s or Women’s Group and […]

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