About Us

We are

  • Multi-generational: Every age group matters to us.
  • Multi-lingual: We have groups that worship God in different languages.
  • Bible-based: God’s Word governs everything we do.
  • Gospel-centered: The good news that Jesus died for us and rose again is the heart of our being and doing.

Our vision

Hebron Bible-Presbyterian Church will be a radiant church where:

  • The God of the Christian gospel is the Lord of our lives;
  • The message of the Christian gospel is taught and understood, and young and old can proclaim it;
  • The grace of the Christian gospel is experienced and demonstrated in the lives, marriages, families and fellowship groups in Hebron;
  • The offer of the Chirstian gospel is extended to as many people, in as many ways and places, and at as many opportunities as God is pleased to allow.