Foundational Bible Studies

Foundational Bible Studies are for Christians whether new or seasoned in the faith. It deals with basic Bible teachings to ensure a good scriptural and spiritual foundation in Christian living. Seasoned Christians also learn to use a good tool for leading new Christians in their faith. In this way, they fulfil the Great Commission in their lives.

For the months of September to November, the FBS will be offered every week day via Zoom to suit the availability of busy Hebronites. Each class will be led by Ps Shin Hoe and another Hebronite. Come and learn and grow.

Sign up here for any one of the following classes:

·       Monday at 8pm (by Ps Shin Hoe and Janette Long, commencing on 7 Sep)

·       Tuesday at 8pm (by Ps Shin Hoe and Loh Chin Mai, commencing on 1 Sep)

·       Wednesday at 8pm (by Ps Shin Hoe and Esther Koh, commencing on 2 Sep)

·       Thursday at 11am (by Ps Shin Hoe and Janette Lan, commencing on 3 Sep)

·       Friday at 8pm (by Ps Shin Hoe and Michelle Lye, commencing on 4 Sep)

Every participant will be given a workbook, Growing in Christ, at $14 per copy.